About Us

DIVA Pharmaceuticals is a global supplier of prescription drugs, vaccines, over-the-counter medications and products, also supporting humanitarian and relief initiatives around the world.  DIVA Pharmaceuticals sources, vets and partners with North American suppliers to supply only the highest quality brand and generic products to both established and developing global market purchasers. Diva is one of the leading Women Business Enterprises among pharmaceutical companies throughout the world.

Our Mission

DIVA Pharmaceuticals’ mission is to become the primary trusted global supplier and partner for distributors around the world with the objective of transforming health and enhancing people’s lives.


DIVA Pharmaceuticals started in 2008 operating as a global pharmaceutical firm that specialized in the development and marketing of brand drugs, generic drugs, over the counter products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, animal health medications, and medical devices. In addition, DIVA Pharmaceuticals helped launch products originating from foreign companies in the United States and from within third world countries.

DIVA Pharmaceuticals expanded its global distribution operations in 2023, leveraging its robust, existing network of supplier relationships within the United States, with the aim of creating efficient and profitable joint partnerships supported by DIVA Pharmaceuticals’ highly experienced North American leadership team of industry and regulatory experts.


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